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Featured Member: Zero Friction Inc

zerofriction Featured Member(s)

Zero Friction Inc., which does business as EcoFirst Technologies, is owned by Tom Elam and Andy Moore and is being honored as the Martin Business Association’s Business of the Month for July.

The business opened in 2010 and is located at 511 Elm St. in Martin.
Products offered include Nature 1 brand cleaners, Zero Frixion EOE (engine and oil treatment), LUBRA 1 brand lubricants and GrowAgra wheat grass juice.

“When we founded Zero Friction Inc. in 2010, our company was centered on engine oil treatment, gear oil, open gear grease, transmission treatment and spray lubricants,” the owners said. “Our entire product line was based on a combination of Tribology (the science of friction, lubrication and wear with the recent advances in Nanotechnology (the science of microscopic materials.

“As great as our products were in the beginning, they were not ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly.’ We have always been interested in the idea of creating products that are eco-friendly, bioderadable and non-toxic.”

During the process of trying to convert its products to a 100 percent green design, Elam and Moore dealt with several chemists, scientists and tribologists from different parts of the country.

“After a couple of years of trial and error, we were finally introduced to Roy Krohn, a renowned chemist and one of the co-creators of Slick 50,” the owners said. “Roy and Tom discovered some ground-breaking technology that allowed us to get into ‘green cleaning products’ in addition to making our engine and oil treatment ‘green.’

“This discovery launched the Nature 1 brand of ‘green’ cleaners, waterless wash and wax and Lubra 1 multipurpose lubricant. Our trade secret base materials are the basis of all of our industrial cleaning products. There are many more products that we can make using a variation of our formula, such as laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and other retail products. The sky is the limit with our formula.”
For now, though, the business is focused on the industrial and commercial cleaning products and lubricants. Krohn has several projects going in his lab that the owners said they are excited about, such as 100-percent green hydraulic fluid, weed killer and other agricultural products, to name a few.
“Since we have converted everything to 100 percent green, we have been doing business as EcoFirst Technologies, because the name is more suited to our eco-friendly focus,” the owners said. “Our most recent partnership is with GrowAgra in Paris. They make organic wheatgrass juice products, which are also 100-percent green. As a result, we will soon be launching a brand of wheatgrass product named N1BOOST. We are very excited about this line of healthy, super-food products. In the end, it’s all about leaving the earth better than we found it.”

Elam and Moore said they chose Martin as a location for their business because Martin “is a friendly town with very nice people.”

Business hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Contact the business at (731) 261-6111 or by email at tom@ecofirsttech.com. Check out the business’ website at www.ecofirsttech.com.